5G is coming and will change data driven advertising

There is a lot of excitement about 5G tech around the world. 5G stands for 5th-generation cellular wireless network and it is expected to be game-changing, especially for marketers and advertisers.
In simple words, 5G tech takes connectivity to a whole new level.
The promise of increased speed will facilitate faster loading times, improve user experience, HD video ads and more robust consumer targeting.
Keep in mind, 5G isn’t just for mobile devices.
5G will integrate new techs (like the IoT, wearables, drones, etc.) and open up new avenues for data-driven marketing campaigns, giving brands even more reason to invest in programmatic (but only if the AdTech infrastructure will be able to keep pace with the speed of 5G).
Programmatic costs could probably change as well.
More demand could lead to higher prices, and there will be more ad formats and pricing options to choose from as well.
5G also stands as an enormous creative and strategic opportunity. Advertisers currently have to strike a balance between creating compelling creative and minimizing web page load time. With 5G, there will be no limits.
As usual, any new development comes with its challenges.
For example: how different vendors will manage data fragmentation, consumer privacy and new data ecosystems?
Other sources: see in the LinkedIn comments.
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