5 burning questions about programmatic advertising

Today, many digital marketers can tell you that programmatic ad is one of the most critical – and least understood – concepts in the industry today.
The programmatic ecosystem is certainly full of jargons, acronyms and tech phrases that just are making it hard for the industry to navigate.
Here’s some answers to common questions I have recently received:
Q: Is Programmatic = Marketing Automation?
A: No, it’s related to advertising, in particular to paid media buying.
Q: What is a bid request?
A: It’s a set of info sent by ad exchanges to the buyer AdTech for the auction of an impression. A bid request usually contains the data related to the user, the device and other info about the set of rules determined by the seller.
Q: Is Facebook a DSP?
A: Yes, Facebook’s Ad Manager is the DSP that only sells Facebook inventory.
Q: What does “fill rate” mean for publishers?
A: The ratio between sold and unsold media inventory is the fill rate, that is, the % of sold impressions over a period of time.
Q: What is Frequency Capping?
A: A way to restrict the number of times a specific visitor to a website is shown a particular advertisement.
Programmatic sometimes, can be quite confusing.
Spend time with your partners and teams, ask lots of questions and follow your common sense.
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